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Cavendish's success depends entirely upon the hundreds of collectors and professionals all over the world who continue to recommend them to their friends and clients year after year. Cavendish's excellent reputation is your best guarantee. Cavendish is a long-standing member of the principal professional philatelic organisations in Britain (the PTS) and the US (ASDA) and has been distinguished since the Company's foundation in 1952 for the integrity and impeccable standards of all its undertakings. Whatever stamps or related items you may want to sell, you need look no further. This site will give you the answers to most of your questions; for more detail simply telephone or write to our experts, or email them: Click here to send an email


In 1952, Cavendish's 'Auction No.1' was held in the Midland Railway Institute in Derby, with the Company's founder Geoffrey Manton (who was also owner of the Derby Stamp Shop at that time) on the rostrum. Over the next 30 years Geoff's easy-going and entertaining auction style attracted increasing numbers of devoted buyers and sellers to Cavendish's regular monthly public Stamp Auctions. Sales were held in many different cities, usually in large hotels, and many people still speak of those sales (held in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby & elsewhere) with great affection.

Selling Stamps

By 1979, the continuing success of the Cavendish auctions, enabled Geoff Manton to sell the Derby Stamp Shop, in order to concentrate his energies exclusively on the auction business. A large permanent auction room with offices was then leased in central Derby, and the sales in other cities were curtailed. In 1982 Geoff Manton 'retired', but he continued to work regularly for Cavendish as their Senior Consultant right through the six years of Frank Laycock's ownership of the business, until he in turn sold the Company in 1988 to James Grimwood-Taylor.

James Grimwood-Taylor'JGT', as he is known to many clients and colleagues (who was born and brought up in Derby), had - by 1988 - gained 10 years of experience as an international expert in Stamps & Postal History, working with a major philatelic firm in London. He was more than happy to take over the company that had been founded by his mentor Geoff Manton. J.G.-T. has piloted the company's expansion into overseas markets, where it is now one of the world's leading auction houses. He has been fortunate to gather a team of enthusiastic people around him (mostly keen and expert collectors themselves) to maintain Cavendish's high standards.


In 1995 the Company acquired its own freehold building (complete with auction rooms, offices, vaults and so forth) - Cavendish House - only a stone's throw from Derby Railway Station (90 minutes from London's St. Pancras). This acquisition has guaranteed the secure future of THE specialist Philatelic Auction House, and has provided a prestigious venue for the many 'named' sales and worldwide auctions. Likewise television and radio coverage of Cavendish's auctions have increased in recent years, and the internet has further expanded its client base.


One of the Company's principal aims is to be approachable, personal and flexible in all things (i.e. "user-friendly" to use the modern jargon). Every member of staff is actively encouraged to collect Stamps and Postal History themselves, because they can then understand their clients (and their trials and tribulations) so much better. Communication with customers is vital to the success of any business, and the collectors on the staff at Cavendish are uniquely well placed to understand collectors' requirements.