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Society Displays

Cavendish philatelists are all collectors who understand the thrill of the hunt and also the enjoyment gained in sharing their hobby. Thus they will happily give displays to societies, generally of items from their personal collections, as well as background talks about auctions. Please contact the speaker of your choice with available dates (at least 4 months advance if possible). Generally there is no charge for attendance at a stamp club or specialist society, but dinner beforehand is much appreciated!

Ben Palmer

NSW 1888-1912 Centennial Issues.
Phone 0208 785 7750 or email ben@cavendish-auctions.com

Scott Treacey

GB Line-Engraved Plate Repairs 1840-55.
Phone - 0208 785 7750 or email scott@cavendish-auctions.com

James Grimwood-Taylor

British Postal Reforms, The Postal History of the British Offshore Islands, English Postal History, 1400-1900.
Please phone 01332 250970 or email james@cavendish-auctions.com

Andy Donaldson

GB Protective Overprints and Underprints
Please phone 0208 785 7750 or email andy@cavendish-auctions.com