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WHO GOES THERE? by David Trapnell. The postal history of British prisoner of war camps in the Middle East in World War 2.


RATES TO REFORM: A GUIDE TO THE HIGH POSTAGE RATES IN GREAT BRITAIN AND THEIR REFORM, 1812-1840 by Rex Clark. A superb work on the complexities of the postal rates in Britain prior to the reforms of 1840. Colour illustrated throughout with covers from the author's collection.


NAVAL OFFICERS' LETTERS by Geoffrey Osborn GM. The author is a leading expert on mail sent to and from naval officers during the Victorian period (1837-1900). He has a legendary ability to identify the sender of a letter and his location from the envelope. This is a research paper of interest both to naval and postal historians. It covers mail sent from all over the world illustrated by covers from the author's collection and written up in his own hand A number of official postal regulations and rates are reproduced and the Introduction describes the way that research of this kind can be carried out.


HIS MAJESTY’S FRASER FENCIBLE REGIMENT OF FOOT, 1794-1802 by John Firebrace and Alan Rawlings. A history including the campaign against the French and a record of known letters to and from the regiment.


SOMETHING FUNNY HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO THE ROSTRUM by D. Geoffrey Manton. Recollections of a philatelic auctioneer.


NINETEENTH CENTURY WARS IN EGYPT AND SUDAN by John Firebrace. Most of the pages are reproductions of selected covers, and autograph letters from the Author's famous collection that was awarded Gold and Large Gold medals in 1978 and 1980. The story of the French Campaigns of 1798-1801, the Arabi rebellion of 1882, the Mahdi 1881-1885, the Hicks disaster of 1883, Suakin 1884, the Nile Expedition of 1884-5, the Suakin Expedition of 1885-6, captives of the Khalifa, the Donglola Expedition of 1896, Suakin 1896, Nile Expeditions of 1897-8 and 1898-1900, the Marchand Expedition of 1898 and the Army of Occupation 1882-1900.


THE TRAUDL COLLECTION OF LONDON POSTAL HISTORY 1661 TO 10TH JAN'Y 1840 by Dr. Wolf Hess. The Gold Medal-winning collection of London pre-adhesive postal history - the Inland and Local Offices, Foreign Office and Packet Letters. The entire collection is reproduced, with Dr. Hess's original text and black & white illustrations of the covers.