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Cavendish at Autumn Stampex
See us at Stand 95


Staff from Cavendish will be at Autumn Stampex from Wednesday 27 to Saturday 30 September 2023. We are looking forward to meeting both old and new customers.

If you would like to sell single significant items, part, or all of your collection, here are some ideal opportunities to meet with us and discuss your plans, but if these dates or locations are not convenient please email or telephone us to arrange an appointment.

We will also have viewing of selected items from our October auctions, including:

  • the Denis Vandervelde collections of T.P.O.s & Seaposts (part 1) of the World;
  • The John Parmenter collection of Post Office numbers in instructional marks 1888-1990;
  • The Mike Boddy counties squared circle research collection;
  • Several collections of Great Britain line-engraved stamps & covers, some of which have not been on the market for 40 years, including collections of Postal Reforms material, Mulreadys & caricatures, Treasury essays, die proofs & Rainbow Trials, 1840 1d Blacks & 2d Blues, 1841 1d Reds & 2d Blues, Archer Perforation Trials, etc., and Maltese Cross cancellations;
  • Fine collections of Chilean airmail covers, China stamps & airmail covers, France postal history, New Zealand stamps, Railway Mail, 1890 Stamp Jubilee Exhibition, early British Empire stamps;
  • Rare 19th & 20th century postal history.
  • Worldwide, maritime, and military postal history;
  • Superb Great Britain & foreign stamps;
  • Countries from Aland Islands to Zululand.

Click the link above for relevant locations and travel details. We look forward to seeing you there.