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The "Flat-Topped Three" of the London District Post

Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. are proud to support a new booklet The "Flat-Topped Three" of the London District Post by Peter J. Chadwick FRPSL.

From 1805, a new 3d "country area" of the London District Post was defined. In 1811, the rides were rearranged to allow "way posts" and to give very much better coverage of the "country area". This was expanded slightly - some of the rides were extended outward, and some bye-posts added - but the system remained structurally the same for 28 years. A side effect of these changes was that many of the Country Sorting Offices were issued with their own handstamps, the "flat-topped threes", for use on way-post and bye-post mail. Peter Chadwick has been documenting these handstamps for 15 years and this booklet represents his initial findings.

The booklet can be obtained from the author (PVChadwick@gmail.com) priced £6 (free postage & packing in the UK).