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Cavendish and Brusden-White Publishing

Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. are pleased to announce that they are the sole European distributors for Brusden-White Publishing, and now have a selection of their excellent publications on Australian philately. Titles on offer in the UK can be viewed on our Book Sales pages, along with other publications we have in stock.

ACSC Series
  • Kangaroos 6th Ed.
  • King George V 5th Ed.
  • King George VI 3rd Ed.
  • Queen Elizabeth II 3rd Ed.
  • Postage Dues 2nd Ed.
  • Booklets 1st Ed.
  • Decimals I 2nd Ed.
  • Decimals II 1st Ed.
  • Decimals III 1st Ed.
  • Postal Stationery 2nd Ed.

Hardbound Research Series
  • Numeral Cancels of NSW 2nd Ed.