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Ben Palmer Joins AIEP

Ben Palmer, Philatelic Director of Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd, has recently joined the ranks of the prestigious Association Internationale des Experts en Philatelie (AIEP), an Association of philatelic experts who may issue philatelic opinions, statements, certificates and guarantees under their personal responsibility. The Association promotes and encourages worldwide co-operation and the exchange of opinions between experts. It also informs its members about the latest technologies in the production of forgeries and in the detection of forgeries and repairs.

As stated on the AIEP website: "In order to become a Member of the A.I.E.P., a philatelist must have actually worked as an expert for a minimum of five years. He must be highly specialised in a given area, for which he is obviously expected to have adequate reference material. Excellent specialist knowledge and absolute moral integrity are considered as fundamental prerogatives for becoming a Member of the A.I.E.P."

Those who know Ben will not be surprised to learn that his personal reference collection is New South Wales. He also has an all-World forgeries collection with a special focus on Australian States and his current area of specialisation is Australian States Postal History to 1912.