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Cavendish Visits

Cavendish will be attending the following Philatelic events:

and we are looking forward very much to seeing you if you have stamps and/or covers suitable for auction.

Cavendish's 2017 season has had exceptional sale results for material ranging from Gambia, Cyprus, Gilbert & Ellice Islands, and Fiji to Classic Great Britain. Our upcoming auctions on June 7, 21 and 22, are attracting a lot of attention:

  • Worldwide & G.B. Stamps and Postal History featuring the ALAN PIGGOTT Collection of France with strength in WWI, Pre-Cancel, and Journal issues, and including the stamps and postal history of Aden to Zanzibar, as well as superb collections of British Commonwealth, Foreign, and Omnibus stamps, Worldwide Postal History - including Maritime, Military & Airmails, and Ephemera, Manuscripts, Thematic collections & Picture Postcards.
  • The PROFESSOR DAVID STIRRUPS International Gold Medal Collections of Gibraltar Stamps & Postal History including special studies of G.B. Used in Gibraltar, Gibraltar Postal Stationery, Gibraltar/Spain Mails, Cadiz Postal History, and Early Iberian/Mediterranean Maritime Mails, plus useful Spain, Portugal, and Madeira Postal History.
  • The G.M. VLACHOS International Gold Medal Collection of Ionian Islands Postal History, 1428-1864 including official, commercial, and private letters to and from the Ionian Islands during the Venetian Administration, Septinsular Republic, Imperial French rule, British military occupation, and the United States of the Ionian Islands under British protection.

We have also begun compiling our September sales which will include:

  • The WALTER NEVILLE WATTERSON Collection of Sarawak, featuring an outstanding, internationally recognised collection of the stamps and postal history of Sarawak, with strength in proofs and very seldom seen De La Rue colour trials.
  • The JOHN GODFREY Collection of Fine Sudan Stamps & Postal History with strength in various late 19th Century military campaign covers.
  • A further Collection of Sudan with colour trials, overprints errors, receiving authority Specimens, and unusual postal history.
  • Gilbert & Ellice Islands with DLR Key Plate Die Proofs, receiving authority Specimens and a 1947 UPU Congress Booklet.
  • British Solomon Islands including 1907 Plate Proofs and 2½d vertical pair imperf between, DLR Key Type Die Proofs, Colour Trials, WWII Japanese Occupation Mail, and much more.
  • Superb G.B. and Foreign Stamps.
  • Fine 19th & 20th Century Postal History.

as well as the fine & unusual stamps and postal history that Cavendish is renowned for.

If you would like to sell single significant items, part, or all of your collection, here is the ideal opportunity to meet with us and discuss your plans. Please contact Greg Spring (greg@cavendish-auctions.com) or Bob Unwin (bob@cavendish-auctions.com), telephone 01332 250 970.

Alternatively, please phone to arrange an appointment if these dates or locations are not convenient. We look forward to being of service to you.